At the max how many tranformations can be us in a mapping?

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  • Sep 27th, 2005

n number of transformations

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  • Nov 4th, 2005

22 transformation, expression, joiner, aggregator, router, stored procedure etc. You can find on Informatica transformation tool bar.

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  • Nov 10th, 2005

In a mapping we can use any number of transformations depending on the project, and the included transformations in the perticular related transformatons.

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  • Dec 13th, 2005

There is no such limitation to use this number of transformations. But in performance point of view using too many transformations will reduce the session performance. 

My idea is "if needed more tranformations to use in a mapping its better to go for some stored procedure."  


  • Mar 22nd, 2006

Always remember when designing a mapping: less for more

design with the least number of transformations that can do the most jobs.

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