I want to open a Notepad window without recording a test and I do not want to use SystemUtil.Run command as well How do I do this?

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Saraswathy & Mercy

  • Sep 6th, 2005

U can still make the notepad open without using the record or System utility script, just by mentioning the path of the notepad "( i.e., where the notepad.exe is stored in the system) in the "Windows Applications Tab" of the "Record and Run Settings window. Try it out. All the Best.

Rekha Basu

  • Sep 26th, 2005


insert->step->step generator->select a function invokeapplication,mention the path to notepad.exe file.


2.otherwise in Expert view write a builtin funtion

invokeapplication"c:/whatever the path"


Mercy & Saraswathy

  • Oct 4th, 2005

 Another alternative to open a notepad is to use ShellObject. Check out with the following example:

Dim a
Set a = WScript.CreateObject ("WSCript.shell")
a.run "notepad.exe"

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  • Mar 15th, 2007

U r ans helped me a lot for my project but i want to know tha how to open IE, FF and NN using Shell scription. I think WSCript.shell takes the parameters from systm32 only. If i need to take control from Program File which one i need to take. Help me on this topic

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Chandra Adari

  • Apr 3rd, 2007

Dim oShell

Set oShell = CreateObject ("WSCript.shell")
oShell.run "cmd /K notepad.exe"
Set oShell = Nothing

Hope this is ok for you.


  • May 30th, 2007

very simple

systemUtil.Run "Notepad.exe"

fine !!!!!

srikanth N


  • Aug 14th, 2007

Dim file1,file2

Set file1 = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set file2 = file1.OpenTextFile("c:ragu.txt", "2", True)'---creating text file file2.WriteBlankLines 2
S="Hi Good morning"


You can use this code You will get answer



  • Jun 6th, 2008

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

InvokeApplication "notepad.exe"


  • Nov 22nd, 2008

By using Descriptive Programming, we can open notepad.

Set objfso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objfile = objfso.Createtextfile("path of text file",2,true)
Set objfso = Nothing
Set objfile = Nothing

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  • Oct 14th, 2011

I was not able to execute the above code,It is throwing error WSript object is required.

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  • Aug 15th, 2012

Try this once

  1. set fso=createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")

  2. set fo=fso.opentextfile("give the ath")

if u want delete just write "deletefile" and path
for creating "createtextfile" and path

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  • Sep 12th, 2013

Set FSO=createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
Set Cfile=createtextfile("path")
set Ofile=opentextfile("Path")

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Sreedhar Reddy

  • May 18th, 2014

By Creating WSH(Windows ShellScript Host) Object We can open notepad.

  1. set oWSH = CreateObject("wscript.shell")

  2. oWSH.run "obsalutepath of notepad"

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