How you edit the script .

While editing the script we have to inserting the transaction point and rendezvous point .

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  • Dec 29th, 2006

using VU generator

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  • Jun 30th, 2011

Recorded script which contains the interaction between the client and server is edited by added the following :

1. Parametrization
2. Correlation
3. Transactions (Start/End)
4. Validations
5. Rendezvous point
6. Variable Declarations

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  • Jul 27th, 2012

It depends upon what you want to edit. Yes you can parametrize correlation adding transaction -while recording the script we can add the transaction, so no need to do after the recording.. adding the variable

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  • Mar 15th, 2014

In LoadRunner, we will record and edit the script by using the VUGen component only.But sditing script involves so many things like

1) Correlation
2) Parameterization
3) Think Time
4) Rendezvous Point
5) Transaction Names
6) Error Handling etc.,


Correaltion we can do by using web_reg_save_param() function manually.

for eg.,


steps need to follow to do correlation manually in LoadRunner :

> Identify the Correlated Value where it occured in the script mostly it will appear in the Login Page itself
> Goto the Previous Page place the cursor in front of that page.And goto server response.
> Find the Correlated value in that
> Select the Left and Right Boundaries of Correlated value
> And also find the Occurance of that correlated value in most of the cases its 1 only.i.e.,ORD=1
> then come to the script and write the correlated function in the script before the previous request
> Then replace the correlated value with the variable that you have given in the correlaed function


we need to select the value need to do parameterization.Right click on on parameterize.It open the window.Import csv the type of parameterization.And click on ok.

3) Think Time

we use lr_think_time(time in ms); function to give think time.Its nothing but user waiting time on a particular page.To get the respose time we will use this.

4) Rendezvous points

These are useful to pass more number of vusers simultaneously.If that pages are used by more users then before those pages we have to place the rendezvous point.function is lr_redezvous_point().

5)Transaction Names

lr_start_transaction("Transaction Name"); to start the transaction.This is used to get the response time for each and every action.lr_end_transaction("Transaction Name",STATUS); to end the transaction.statuses are either PASS or FAIL or AUTO.

6) Error Handling

If any user fails in the middle of transaction in one of the iteration then we need to perform Error Handling.we will use if..else conditioning statement to achieve this.we need to give savecount in web_reg_find() function in that we need to give one variable.Based on that variable we will identify that the page is getting failed or passed.

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