One tank will fill in 6 minutes at the rate of 3cu ft /min, length of tank is 4 ft and the width is 1/2 of length, what is the depth of the tank?

3 ft 7.5 inches

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Alok Jaiswal VIET 08

  • Sep 24th, 2011

volume of tank=length*width*depth
And volume given=3*6 cu ft.
hence length*width*depth=3*6 cu ft
4*(1/2*4)*depth=3*6 cu ft
depth=(3*6)/ 4*(1/2*4) ft
depth =2.25 ft

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Rupesh Arora

  • Jun 9th, 2015

As it is given that tank will fill in 6 mins. and water is at the rate of 3 cubic ft per min. means in 6 min 18 cubic ft water is in the tank and tank will be filled. so volume of tank is 18 cubic ft.

thus we have length=4ft

and volume is

and thus

This is the answer

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