If you have to start working at this project tomorrow, what would you do tonight?

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  • Jun 27th, 2005

Do some research on it and take good rest .

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  • Jul 3rd, 2005

If i have to start working on this project tomorrow ,tonight i'll think about the ideas to give the project a best start and have a good night sleep after that because to start fresh i have to be give it a fresh start


  • Jul 16th, 2005

study my objective,design my opening,head stRT,,VIEW HISTORY,GOOD NIGHT SLEEP

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  • Jul 27th, 2005

I'll think abt how to get started for the project and think the ways how to finish the project successfully and then have a good sleep

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  • Jul 29th, 2005

Simply i will go to sleep.tommorow is dream,yesterday is past,live today njoy today 

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  • Aug 11th, 2005

I will try to get some basic ideas of that project. Because basic makes it strong.


  • Aug 25th, 2005

I will enjoy good food and sleep without worrying. b'caz they may lack when the project starts

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  • Sep 7th, 2005

Rather than studying the project or getting the basic ideas, i will get the names and working history of the people and will try to study the people with whom i'm going to work on the new project. This will help throughout the life cycle of the project development.

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  • Dec 4th, 2005

once u ve given the project today. first write the what work have to be performed then take  the list , priortise, then start woking on it

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  • Jan 4th, 2006

A very good Question indeed. As soon as i get the project in my hand I'll go back home and try to get all those things by my side which gives me the sense of relaxation like caffine and Music. After spendin sometime on it and when i feel relaxed i'll study the project details thoroughly, make my plans and then I'll try and have a very sound sleep, which is important indeed too.

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  • Jul 7th, 2006

Hi i m a cse student....... could u just tell me some topics 2 do my final yr project..? Urgent ... My lecturers say 2 do projects based on last 2 yrs IEEE Papers oly.... So if u can tell me some topics it would help..... If u have any IEEE account ... can u tell it 2 me... for my project... Plz....

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  • Jul 21st, 2006

First of all i'll think on the basic requirements for project & in short i'll

decide what i have to do & how project can get good starting,because 'good beginning is half daone'

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  • Apr 25th, 2007

i`ll do planning that how to complete the project with full efficiency and no errors.

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krishna chaithanya

  • Aug 20th, 2007

If tomorrow is my project first of all
1) I will go through the project details .
2) I will know my team strengths and capabilities.
3) I will prepare plan for good start.
4) I will estimate time to complete my total responsibilities in the project.


  • Mar 23rd, 2008

If i have start working at new project tommarow, i should think about idea's which gives best strarting to my project.

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  • Jun 29th, 2008

I will study well on the project and try to gather information which i dont understand so that there will be no confusion in front of others.

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  • Jun 22nd, 2011

First of all try to visualize the difficulties which you gonna face and then decide whether you would be able to overcome that difficulties or you may give up!! once you have made your decision then consult someone who is your well wisher and take his opinion and then make a decision to proceed further or give up

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Today I will take all the project details from you and make a brief study of it tonight and had a silent sleep.
Also will make some important points about the initial steps which are needed for the project.

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