What is the difference between modal and moduless window?

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VVK Venkatesan

  • Jul 15th, 2005

Modal window will NOT ALLOW user to move another window without closing it. For example : Form.Show, vbModal will display a Modal Window

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  • Aug 2nd, 2005

MODAL forms are forms which require user input before any other actions can be taken place. In other words, a modal form has exclusive focus in that application until it is dismissed. When showing a modal form, the controls outside this modal form will not take user interaction until the form is closed. The internal MsgBox and InputBox forms are examples of modal forms. To show a form modally, use the syntax:  
MyForm.SHOW 1 
MODELESS forms are those which are shown but do not require immediate user input. MDI child forms are always modeless. To show a form modeless, use the syntax: 

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  • Nov 12th, 2005

modal and modeless

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  • Dec 10th, 2013

Modal Window:

A modal window is a restricted window that the user must respond to before moving the input focus to another window. Modal windows:

Must be dismissed before control can be returned to a modeless window
Become active as soon as they display
Require a means of exit or dismissal
Modeless Window:

A modeless window is an unrestricted window that the user can exit freely. Modeless windows:

Can display many at once
Are not necessarily active when displayed
Are the default window type

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