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What is diff between strong and weak ref cursors

Asked By: ddkdhar | Asked On: Feb 16th, 2007

Answered by: Baji Shaik on: Jun 5th, 2011

Strong ref cursor return value, but seek ref cursor it can't return any value

Answered by: askvenki on: Jul 20th, 2007

           A strong REF CURSOR type definition specifies a return type, but a weak definition does not.DECLARE   TYPE EmpCurTyp IS REF ...

Suppose thr are 10 dmls(insert,update,delete ) in the main section of the PL/SQL block .The exception in them is handled as a whole in the exception handling section .....The error may occur in any of...

Asked By: Oracle_learner | Asked On: Sep 24th, 2006

Answered by: sandeshshinde000 on: Jun 4th, 2011

begin  DML 1  '  '  '  '  '  DML 10exceptionwhen others thandbms_output('error at location '||dbms_utility.format_error_backtrace);e...

Answered by: BakulPatel on: May 7th, 2011

To simplify  Remove exception block. Oracle will show line number with error thrownOther method:beginlocation :=1; dml1 location :=2; dml2exception    when others than&nb...

What is PL/SQL table? Sno mark ------- ------------------1 592 403 a4 60 write a single query to i) sorted marks ii)first mark iii) replace the mark a with...

Asked By: chiranjeevi reddy | Asked On: Feb 8th, 2006

Answered by: NehaChanda on: May 22nd, 2009

We can not use MAX on PLSQL table. Check if it works.Create a PLSQL Table Sorted_Mark.SNO_MARK(3) := 0; - Replace ASorted in another Collection Typeselect culumn_valuebulk collect into Sorted_MARKfrom table (cast(SNO_MARK as PLSQL_DATATYPE))order by column_valueSorted_MARK(1) - First Value

Answered by: samareshp on: Apr 15th, 2009

I guess the the question should be replace a with zero then sort the mark and
then show first mark, Let me know if i am wrong.

select max(mark)
from (
SELECT sno, mark
FROM (select sno, decode(mark, 'A', 0, mark) x from t) xt

PL/SQL utl_file package

Asked By: Subashpanda | Asked On: Feb 7th, 2011

Which exception is used in utl_file package in PL/SQL?

Answered by: dinesh.smhdr on: May 19th, 2011


Talk about "exception handling" in PL/SQL?

Asked By: Beena | Asked On: Sep 19th, 2005

Answered by: krishnaindia2007 on: May 6th, 2008

A warning or error condition is called an exception. An exception may raise in a pl/sql block due to designing faults, coding mistakes or hardware failure. If an exception raises in a block ...

Answered by: g_sidhu on: Jan 31st, 2008

You can handle exception in two ways:– Trap it with a handler : If the exception is raised in the executable section of the block, processing branches to the corresponding exception handler...

Can procedures have parameters

Asked By: sreelatha | Asked On: Sep 27th, 2005

Answered by: krishnaindia2007 on: May 6th, 2008

Procedures Can have Parameters. But parameters is optional .i.e. we may defined procedures without parameters also.It can take three types of parametersIN , OUT and INOUT.

Answered by: kanchan Patra on: Aug 7th, 2007

Yes, Procedures can have parameters.

What is pragma execption_init ? Explain the usage ?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Sep 9th, 2004

 the pragma execption_init tells the complier to associate an exception with an Oracle error. To get an error message of a specific Oracle error.      e.G. Pragma exception_init (exception name, Oracle error number)

Answered by: Devendra Tawar on: Apr 27th, 2011

Use for handle user defined exception.

Answered by: g_sidhu on: Jan 31st, 2008

PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT statement associate the declared exception with the standard Oracle server error number. PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT tells the compiler to associate an exception name with an Oracle er...

Oracle locks concept

Asked By: vrushali | Asked On: Jan 18th, 2011

Please explain how to set locktime out in Oracle.

Answered by: NareshAB on: Apr 24th, 2011

Set Lock_Timeout Time (in ms)Thanks

What is dense_rank function and it's usage ?

Asked By: ddkdhar | Asked On: Feb 16th, 2007

Answered by: Teju_hassan on: Apr 20th, 2011

See the below example to understand dense_rank,rank,salfrom empsorder by sal descdense_rank|rank|sal1              &...

Answered by: g_sidhu on: Feb 5th, 2008

Rank Function can cause non-consecutive rankings if the tested values are the same. Whereas, the dense_rank function will always result in consecutive rankings.

Can we call a procedure into another procedure?If yes means how you can pass the perameters for the two procedures?

Asked By: kumar71979 | Asked On: Mar 5th, 2006

Answered by: debasisdas on: Apr 11th, 2011

I believe an example would be best way to explain this.The scenario is whan user passes an employee_no to be inserted into EMP table i wan that value to be check against the existing record. If the em...

Answered by: Arun on: Oct 27th, 2006

Hi friendit is easyExamplecreate or replace procedure first_proc (v_name1 in varchar, v_age in number) isbegindbms_output.put_line(v_name||' is '||v_age||' years old!');end;create or replace procedure...

Why and when would you use a package instead of standalone procedures? Which one increases performence - package or standalone procedure?

Asked By: gangadhar6708 | Asked On: Mar 8th, 2011

Answered by: mailtonagaraja on: Mar 24th, 2011

Hi ,   1) In Package we can combile all related objects into one component, whenever you refer or call any object in the package , full package will be copied to the memory , so that next ti...

Call external procedure

Asked By: sk.mca6 | Asked On: Feb 17th, 2011

How to call an external-procedure from a package?

Call fieldcontrols

Asked By: jalaramaiah_k | Asked On: Feb 17th, 2011

How can we call fieldcontrols in PL/SQL programming?

User defined exception handler

Asked By: Subashpanda | Asked On: Feb 7th, 2011

Suppose a programmer creates a user defined exception handler invalid_number in declare block with type exception and raise this exception in begin block. Then how will you access the user defined exception and same system defined exception (i.E inavlid_number)

Answered by: promisinganuj on: Feb 10th, 2011

The system defined exceptions in Oracle are tied to Oracle error codes. For this case, system defined error INVALID_NUMBER is tied with error code -01722.Now, when a user defines the sa...

Pl SQL procedure in package

Asked By: kondla | Asked On: Jun 27th, 2008

Procedure in package perfomes fastly over normal procedure, explain.

Answered by: monoranjang on: Jan 24th, 2011

A Storeprocedure is a Set of transactional SQL statements which will do some operation. Storedprocedure is precomplied . When we use sp's in our application it will reduce network traffic because ...

Answered by: muraligrandhi on: Jun 8th, 2010

It's true. Procedures in the packages are faster than the stand alone procedures, because all the procedures in the package are compiled once and stored in the SGA at shared pool area. If we call the ...

Unconstrained loop

Asked By: vrushali | Asked On: Jan 18th, 2011

What is unconstrained loop?Suggest some example.

Answered by: Art11 on: Sep 27th, 2011

Did you mean infinite loop?

Answered by: vikz.pal on: Jan 23rd, 2011

Unconstrained loop means loop that can't be handled as per our will.Basic loop is a simple example of unconstrained loop - if we ignore proper exit statement in basic loop then it becomes an infin...


Asked By: sdas84jobs | Asked On: Oct 6th, 2010

1-what is the max lenght of varchar2 datatype in PL/SQL?2-what is the use of urowid?3-what are the subtypes?Give any 2 example?4- what is the general standard for declaration?

Answered by: pravesh28 on: Dec 27th, 2010

1... max length is 327672 rowid means row plus id actuall its psedocolmn that store the value of each rowwith the help of rowid>>>  we can remove duplicate value>>> we can dispa...

Answered by: muraligrandhi on: Nov 9th, 2010

1. Maximum length of a varible in PL/SQL is 32767 bytes2. The UROWID or Universal Rowid is useful for storing logical addresses of all the rows of Index-organized tables. It can store both the logical...

How packaged procedures and functions are called from the following?

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Sep 9th, 2004

     a. Stored procedure or anonymous block     b. An application program such a prc *c, pro* cobol     c. SQL *plus      a. Package name.Procedure name (parameters);        variable...

Answered by: shi_fu on: Nov 30th, 2010

a. procedure is called by its name:pack_name.proc_name;function is called from a expression:a=b*(function(param));b.(same as above)procedure is called by its name:pack_name.proc_name;function is calle...

Answered by: g_sidhu on: Feb 16th, 2008

a. PACKAGE NAME.PROCEDURE NAME (parameters);     variable := PACKAGE NAME.FUNCTION NAME (arguments);        b.     ...

Bulk data operations

Asked By: sue86 | Asked On: Mar 28th, 2010

You are developing a PL/SQL block designed for bulk data operations. When attemping to store table data for multiple rows in a PL/SQL variable, which one of the following choices identifies the mechanism best suited for this task (choose one)? A. Cursorb. Varchar2c. Recordd. Table of records

Answered by: rahulg5211 on: Oct 25th, 2010

Table of record type is best option to perform this operation.becouse first thing pl/table has unlimited size.second thing for fetching bunch of record into pl/table,besides  of INTO clause we ne...

Answered by: shukla.prashant76 on: Apr 28th, 2010

Answer is D. We need multiple rows on a variable  so we use here Table of records .it uses just like as collection of records.Cursor is used for selecting multiple rows from stored table.Var...

Difference between pre-query & post-query

Asked By: Ramachandra | Asked On: Nov 23rd, 2006

Answered by: kalpana2u95 on: Oct 12th, 2010

Pre SQL query  means that the integration service runs SQL commands against the source database before it reads the data from source. Post SQL query means IS runs SQL commands against target database after it writes to the target.

Answered by: Pawan Ahuja on: Dec 4th, 2006

Pre-query trigger fires only ones while post-query trigger fires each time.the Post-Query trigger fires each time Form Builder fetches a record into a block.RegardsPawan Ahuja

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