Current Control Device and Voltage Control Device

What is the concept of Current Control Device and Voltage Control Device? How the operating takes place?

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berule pankaj

  • Sep 16th, 2015

Best example of current controlled device is BJT. BJT is controlled by IB, IC, IE... Yes there is need of voltage source for current but actually the current flowing determines the O/P voltage... If we change input resistance then I/P current is changed so the O/P voltage is changed i.e. even if keeping voltage constant our o/p is changed. Opposite for voltage controlled device.

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Keshav Patil

  • Jun 30th, 2016

For example BJT you might know that in BJT collector current is beta (current gain of CE) times the base current. Keans in active region output means collector current depends on base current only so CURRENT CONTROLLED. But in FET drain current is transcunductance times the gate to source voltage. Because as gate to source voltage increases more electrons will flow from drain to source so it is VOLTAGE CONTROLLED.

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