Path of current in domestic loads

I am confused about the path of current in domestic loads . In the negative cycle does the current flow from neutral to the phase.wont the whole system get grounded then if we use a single phase ground return?

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  • Feb 8th, 2015

Electricity is quite the same as lightning and wants to discharge to the greater earth ,ie the core of earth. The N or neutral wire is also a earth that is insulated from all else so that a safe path for current is created to discharge to earth after the energy has been used in a appliance. By grounding the appliance as well , one can detect a potential dangerous leak of current to the earth from the live or from the live to the neutral or from the neutral to the earth, thus creating a safe touchable surface inside your house of all metal and metal like surfaces.

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ashish gourav

  • Feb 13th, 2015

friend,the supply you get at home is single phase i.e 1hot and1 neutral wire.3phase system has 3 live (hot)wire and 1 neutral.Under  balanced condition there should be no current in neutral wire of 3phase 3 sinewave of  phase difference120 degrees each results in cancellation of current in neutral means in each phase current flows from live to neutral and neutral to live,but due to simultaneous working of all the 3 phases current in neutral wire is 0 ideally(balancee load condition).but unfortunately the load in our locality is not a balanced there is little current flowing from neutral towards the live wire..

if the generation would have been purely single phase in power would have resulted in same amt .of current in neutral wire in reverse direction as in live wire.hope u must have got it right.

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