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How would you plan for an Oracle upgrade? What are the prerequisites?

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  • Jul 21st, 2014

if u want to any up-gradation in oracle first we need to check version compatibility like if u want to upgrade from 10g to 11g the 10g version should be or

then install the 11g software in another mount point

copy the utlu211i.sql from 11g to another location and run script it will display all the depreciated parameters need to be changed

based on the script change the pfile in the 10g and scp the file to 11g home/dbs location

change the character set value to utf8

and then run the utlrf.sql script in 10g then it will give invalid objects in 10g make a note of it

and then export the oraclesid and hit startup upgrade

if it is successfully completed then run the utlu211s.sql script and check the utlrf.sql script for the invalid objects in 11g it should be same count as 10g invalid objects

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deepak subramoniam

  • Aug 3rd, 2014

Ensure the nls Characterset of the parent and child database are same
Ensure the editions of both the database are same.
Ensure UTL_SMTP,UTL_HTTP,UTL_FILE Packages are available. (for 10g to 11g se)
wm_concat needs to be changed in the 11g because in 11g the function will not be supported by Oracle

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