How do you handle the situation when users are not co-operative while gathering the requirements?

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At the first place you don't want to be in that situation as its is a difficult situation to be in.
So you need to set the expectations right when you meet first.
Meet the business users face to face . Understand there expectations set your expectations and agree on them with your Project manager and the Business User.

However, during the course if you find difficulties getting answers from the users you need to talk to your Manager explain them the expecations that were set at the begining.
Then you need to explain that to the end users on what the Impact of them not cooperating/(you not getting answers) can be.
So in a humble way you can shoot a mail saying what you want , the timelines for the same and if you don't get then what the impact would be you can say it can result in increased time , delay in the delivery or poor quality....and so on.

You need to sound as if you are working for the success of there project..and you dont spoil relationship with them.

Hope this helps.

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