Efficient Beam

Which is more efficient - rectangular beam or a circular beam? Give example?

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  • Mar 24th, 2010

The Rectangular beam is efficient. It is mainly used bcoz of its moment of inertia along its axis. Moment of inertia is 2nd moment of area, which is quite less in case of circular beam. Rectangular beam can resists larger loads.

vijay kumar

  • Jan 31st, 2014

When dealing with bending stresses all the stress is acting on the top and bottom of the beam. If you have a circular beam your max cross sectional area would be at the center of the beam where no bending stress occurs. If you have a rectangular beam you will have more cross sectional area at the top and bottom. You will also have less material in the center of the beam where no stress is acting. So a rectangular beam is the better choice. waste of material is more in case of circular beam.

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  • Mar 3rd, 2014

whats formula of circle steel length

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Aafan Shahid

  • Jul 10th, 2014

Rectangular Beam is more efficient

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  • Sep 18th, 2014

Round steel calculation formula is {Length of bar = Pi x D}
Weight of bar = Length of bar in Mtr x Square of Diameter in MM x 0.006167 = Answer will be in KG

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  • Sep 24th, 2014

Circular beam

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Ravindra kumar

  • Sep 27th, 2014

yes, I m agree with Hamraaz. Moment of inertia of rectangular shaped beam is greater than circular shaped beam.
so, rectangular shaped beam is efficient.

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  • Oct 4th, 2014

according to material of beam if we use conc then rectangular beam but on using steel beam tubular section are better than rectangular. as construction

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Naresh Sonwane

  • Mar 27th, 2016

It is all about the section modulus of the shape of member while calculating the section modulus for equal area of rectangular section and circular section, rectangular has more section modulus hence rectangular is efficient under bending stresses

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