Data Structure to Maintain Photographs Database

Your job is to build a data structure to maintain a set of photographs. Your photograph database should allow you to insert and search for photographs, as well as to designate some of the photographs as favourites by marking them. In more detail, your data structure should support the following operations:
Insert(x, t, m): inserts photograph x that was taken at time t. If m = 1, then the photograph is marked as a favourite; if m = 0, then it is not a favourite.
Search(t): find the next photograph taken after time t.
NextFavorite(t): find the next photograph taken after time t that is a favourite.
Give a data structure for solving this problem, and explain how it works. For more efficiency, your data structure should be both time and space efficient: more points will be given for more efficient solutions. (Remember that the photographs themselves may be quite large.) Give the performance (i.e., running time) of each operation and the space usage of the data structure. You may assume that at any given time t, your camera has taken at most one photograph x. Describe your solution in words, or very high-level pseudocode. You do not need to provide complete details. You must provide enough detail, however, that your solution is clear.

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  • Oct 12th, 2016

We can maintain the photograph database with the help of the binary tree data structure in which each node represents the photograph and to mark the favorite photograph we can use the flag variable which gets incremented on each favorite photograph.

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