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2 and a half artist with 2 and a half canvases and two in two and a half hours can paint 2 and a half drawings. How many artist are needed for 24 canvases and 24 drawings in 24 hours?
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2 and half artist have 2 and half canvas, hence 1artist for 1 canvas
2 artist can work in 2.5 hr to make 2.5 drawing, hence relation:
1 artist : 1.25 hr : 1.25 drawing
4 : 5 : 5
as per question:
For 24 canvas 24 artist needed  -----(i)
and in 24 hour and for 24 drawing (24*(4/5)) artist
hence 19.2 numerical value  ----- (ii)
now from (i) and (ii)
Answer is 24 artists

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2 artists are needed.
(2 artists in 2.5 hours can make 2.5 paintings.
In 22.5 (2.5*9) hours they will make 22.5 paintings.
In next one and a half hour they will make 1.5 paintings(this can be found by chain rule).
So in 24 hrs 2 artists will make 24 paintings)

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Answer is 2 and a half artists.

This question usually asked similarly as that one cloth takes one hour to be dry then how much time will 10 cloths take to be dry?

Mostly people confuse and say 10hrs. this is same question.

Ans is 2.5 artists

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