1.a cube whose surface is painted red is sliced six times such that it is divided into 27 smaller cubes. how many of smaller cubes have: a. no red sides b. 2 red sides c. 3 red sides d. 1 red side2.2 men r playing tossing a coin. if one of them wins he gets 1$ frm the loser. at the end of a no. of games one of them had 3$ and the other won 3 times. how many games did they play?3.Q) their 20 balls each of color red,blue,green n yellow. wat's is the minimum no. of ball u hav to take out so that all r of different color. ??4.If XYZ are there number then (1>=Y>X) and if the XY=Z than find out which is the condition that must be true? A)Z=0 B)XZ D)Y

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  • May 24th, 2006

Its a good practice for the freshers.

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1) If a big cube is divided into 27 small cubes, then each side is 3 units. so total cubes is 3^3-->27 small units.
Now, total corners with 3 sides coloured is "8"
2 sides coloured is "12"
1 side coloured is "6".
So, remaiming cube uncoloured is TOTAL-(3'S+2'S+1"S) i.e 27-(8+12+6)=1
So, only one small cube is uncoloured.

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