Manual Testing

How many types of TESTING used in Manual Testing?
What do manual tester do in real time.
Explain step by step.

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  • Jul 31st, 2017

Manual testing uses ALL of the testing types, black box, grey box, white box, exploratory, functional, boundary, etc., with maybe the exception of stress testing and performance testing, which is best done with test software (like for creating multiple user threads to obtain crash behavior and user load crashing parameters of the system, etc.). Think of it as testing as a user would test, clicking buttons, submitting transactions, etc., manually, rather than having scripts doing the work. At times, there is manual validation that a screen displays the same values as a hardcopy report generates. If you were to sit before a screen on the internet and click the functions on a screen, submit, enter text, view and select pop-down table values, that would be manual testing.

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