Duties and Responsibilities of Civil Site Engineer

What are the duties and responsibilities of civil site engineer in road and building construction?

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Debiprasad Banik  

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While in duty of supervision of building, you should ensure that the concrete mixing is according to the grade specified. While supervision of road, you should ensure that the different layers of the road are laid in proper thickness.

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While in duty of supervision of building, you should ensure that the concrete mixing is according to the grade specified. While supervision of road, you should ensure that the different layers of the road are laid in proper thickness.

shruthi gk

  • Jul 27th, 2009

Site engineer should determine,

* SAFE BEARING CAPACITY of the soil to check whether the soil is capable of with standing the loads given by the super structures.

* In case of construction of underpasses, deep excavations are necessary, for that a deep study of the site has to be done.
presence of soft rocks underneath will affect the stability, inturn turning down the project.

* In case the site is chosen for tunnel project extra care should be taken to see whether hard rocks are present, it will provide good stability but if soft rocks are present the rocks will collapse from the crown during excavation.

* The lives of many people are in the hands of a civil engineer, so he should be serious and responsible enough to build the structures with respect to the soil conditions.

* It is the duty of the civil eng. to satisfy the comforts of the people. :)


  • Jul 23rd, 2011

simply to proceed the way you ought to as an engineer and apply your knowledge and skills and mind in fact.

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charan singh choudhary

  • Aug 13th, 2011

i think the duties of site engineer in construction work is that the all work should be done according to the detailed drawing & planning specified by consultant organisation
as a site engineer in road work is that whole work including sub-grade,sub-base,base,top most layer should be executed according to the detailed specifications & drawing

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  • Aug 16th, 2011

following are the main duties and Responsibilities of site supervisor:
1) Given instruction to worker for watering to the working structure, such as column, beam, brick wall, etc.
2) Instruction given to the worker for coming earlier in the morning at working place.
3) observing all the site plan sheet and work as it is, if there is requre to create some change in site plan then discuss about that issue with our Sr. Engineer.
4) Taking all the safety precaution such as, safety of cement from water, safety of worker from electric shock.
5) wrote all the site work day to day with attendance of worker.
6) get record of all the materials coming at site such as brick, muroom, sand, agg., cement bag, bar, and other.
7) Calculating the estimate of working day work such as, steel work, concreting work, form work, excavation, filling muroom, plastering,etc.
8) Write all the above data into working record book.

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Vikas Bamal

  • Aug 31st, 2011

He is responsible of all work at site. Quality control in mixing ratio. Good type of material used in construction. Regular checking level of road, beam, column. Check the all level according to drawing. Good cummnication with supervisor, forman & workers.

Anuraag wagley

  • May 4th, 2014

There are two types of site civil engineer , first job is a supervisory one if he works with the consultant, in this case he needs to make sure that the document in hand is the correct designed and issued for construction , then he will supervise the construction contractor to make sure that work is being carried out as designed and in accordance to standards.

The second type , is the execution part where he works with the construction contractor, in this case he has more responsibilities, where he has to adhere to the design document, quality of work, the schedule, safety of the people, costs and more over to satisfy the consultant at a personal level

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swapnil B. L.

  • Aug 13th, 2014

Civil site engr. Is responsible for execution of all construction activity allowed to him & he should  take responsibility toward all scope of work under him 

He should carryout work allowed to him as per drawing designs & as per specification in a scheduled work period or as per bar chart with all required checking regarding quality of any item of work with minimum wastage of material manpower and as per planned budget he should do detailed study of drawings and follow of consultant regarding drawings or any query in drawings monitor all consultant design certificates and carryout all work related documentation should prepare boq and bbs and from boq calculate item wise material required make required of material in adv. follow of contract. for speed and quality of work and his manpower give meterial reconce. reporting to srs. And maintaining safety at site

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Amar Singh

  • Mar 13th, 2015

Duty of the site engineer is responsible to all work is complete proper way Material is used which is specified 
Grade of materials is properly

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saurabh kumar

  • Apr 8th, 2015

The roles and responsibilities of a civil site engineer is that first they should go through the site conditions and well verification of drawing before execution of work at site. they should check out the quantity and quality of works according to the specifications mention for the project.

In civil engineering field each and every activities has its new techniques and new for all so each work should be taken in a critical way and should be completed within the specified time limit as per specifications. 

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kishor chauhan

  • Apr 13th, 2015

1)Safety should be provided to the labor.
2)skilled labor required.
3)what is ratio used in the structure should be know.
4) proper curing of the structure

 Road is depend upon the

 Flexible pavement
 Rigid pavement

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Mohamed hussain

  • Apr 21st, 2015

the first study drawing,specification and survey marking in good alignment,checking for rebar dia,spacing,clear cover,etc

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Hanif Zaki

  • May 3rd, 2015

Site engineers perform a technical, organisational and supervisory role on construction projects, setting out and determining the location for above and underground infrastructural installations involved in construction operations.
Site engineers apply designs and plans to mark out the site and can be involved in projects ranging from small scale to multi-million pound ventures. This may include civil, road, rail and other infrastructure projects.
A site engineer works as part of the site management team liaising with and working alongside architects, engineers, construction managers, supervisors, planners, surveyors and subcontractors. They share responsibility for site security, health and safety, and the organisation and supervision of material and human resources.

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Muhammad Junaid iqbal

  • Dec 30th, 2015

Checking all layout and finishing work according to drawing and as par specification.

Finished the work on given duration time.

Controlling the labour and maintain the safety.

Making daily and monthly report.

Supervise all the site with responsibility.

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bishal oli

  • Feb 27th, 2016

Actually sub-engineer is more responsible for work because he involved direct in field site only so, first of all, study about drawing, specification and site condition then any variation in complete project if found any changes you say authorized office or relative engineer OK. Work is started after fully execution then,
1) Quality control, proportion of ration between used materials
2) Investigation
3) Sampling
4) Testing properly adopted.
5) Relation with staff, labor, relevant person.

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Benjanette L. Bundalian

  • Mar 8th, 2016

As a site engineer, first read the specification, general notes, drawings, for the building. first check the bearing capacity, soil testing for the preparation of sub-structures go to super-structures. For me before they start to work i discuss the drawing to civil supervisor, foreman how to make proper procedures of the work and monitor if they follow as per drawings. For the roads, number one soil testing before you proceed the next activity.

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  • Jun 20th, 2016

Soil bearing capacity is important to start a project as a civil engineer

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  • Jul 9th, 2016

A civil engineer engages in many general responsibilities on a daily basis. These responsibilities are a crucial part of their job and enable the civil engineer to engage in their profession to the best of their ability. One general responsibility of the civil engineer is to analyze various factors concerning a construction job. The civil engineer will analyze the proposed site location as well as the entire construction job which is to be completed at such a site. They will analyze the process for completing the construction job every step of the way.
The civil engineer must also plan the construction project that will be taking place in conjunction with the results they found due to their analysis of the proposed project. During the process and at the end, the civil engineer must inspect the product to ensure that all rules, regulations and guidelines have been explicitly followed.

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  • Mar 14th, 2017

Site Engineers are not suppose to determine the safe bearing capacity of soil, because the site engineer only can cross check the designed drawings given by a Design engineer & its the Design Engineers responsibility to determine & analyzing the soil strata of the proposed site & should design as per the factor / conditions. Site Engineer is only responsible for project execution at proposes site as per issued drawings given by the consultant/Designer.

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Mohammed fazal

  • Mar 23rd, 2017

1) Executing the work by given drawing and specifications
2) Quality control in work
3) Give quality assurance in each and every work
4) Checking the grade of concrete and size of steel in R.C.C structure
5) Following the safety aspects
6) Preparing the daily work process report and compare to estimated time period

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  • Dec 27th, 2017

Role of Civil engineer:
Taking leveling as per the drawing, studying the drawings properly - during the excavation before constructing any structure
Checking the Quality of materials like cement, sand,coarse aggregate, steel used & maintaining the supports to exact dimensions as per Approved Drawings- during concrete works
Doing the tests like Cube test, slump test to ensure the concrete Quality, and maintain proper curing after constructing.

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