You joined the organisation as a TL, you have gone through the training and joined the floor today. one of your team member asked for the issue that you are unaware of. How would you handle that situation?

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  • Nov 7th, 2007

Atleast I wont be pretending that I know the answer. There is nothing to me ashamed of when dont have answer for someones query. May be anyone your peer, your junior or your senior. I will just excuse myself and ask for the answer from the colleague.

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Being a leader never directly say that you donot know the answer as it creates a difference in the thinking of your peers that you donot know and they have hired you by some preference so always make sure that you go through what is asked and say that you will take a minute of time to analyse and than consult those who have been in the task for a long time and than reveal the answer to the team member. I believe if you have been selected you would be well proficient in the area even though it seems to be some thing new.

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  • Jun 10th, 2008

As a Team Leader I would rather jumping directly into conclution.. i would take time to submit my answer to them.... no matter it would take time.. let it but i wont give a wrong answer or judgement based on some unaware answers .. rather i would ask my team members to hold on for while/time/day or week unless i get versed on that answer to the question asked by him. I would ask the team member to please give me time to understand the situation, or depending upon the senerio ud rather say go ahead, as i understand that the given process is not so much to handle.

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What I dont understand is why people are saying to either take time or to ensure you do not know the answer? The correct thing to do is to inform him that you do not know the answer but will find out and get back to him immediately then check with the operations specialists who are available then respond to his query with the answer.

Saying you dont know the answer does not reduce your value but seeing that you are willing to acknowledge your ignorance and your taking immediate steps to reduce that knowledge will ensure that your team understands that you are willing to cede to their expertise if required and will also let you be more approachable.

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