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I HAVE A ROUTER WITH TWO INTERFACES FastEthernet 0/0 (ip add and fastethernet 0/1(ip add has two PCs connected to its two interfaces...PC0 (IP ADDRESS default gateway PC1 (IP ADDRESS default gateway I have also given the no shutdown command in every interfaces of the router ...still my pc1 cannot successfully ping the pc0 and vice versa....why ?

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  • Jan 14th, 2015

The IP address of the PC connected to FE 0/1 should be, or it could be a typo.
That being said the 2 PCs are on different subnets and they need to be routed to one another, so you need to place a route in the routing table that would connect to

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Nagoor maitheen

  • Jan 10th, 2018

Because PC 1 is different network

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