To Add the runtime property of an object into the Excel Sheet

The properties of the AUT is changing as per the data given by user.
for e.g the data is :(Qo_Quote_JFM16")
then the properties become :Browser(Qo_Quote_JFM16").Page("Qo_Quote_JFM16").....
So I want to add the unique properties of the objects depending on my data into the Excel sheet (@ runtime).
And then depending on that added property I can perform the actions. To me it seems just like a Keyword driven framework.
Any suggestions for this please?
How can I implement the same...or is it any another way to tackle the problem?

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  • May 3rd, 2017

By Using GetRoPropety



  3.         Number=JavaWindow().JavaEdit("").GetROProperty("value")


  5.         If IsNumeric(Number) Then

  6.                 Reporter.ReportEvent micPass,"Number ","Number is generated Successfully"

  7.                 wait 0,500


  9.         DataTable.Value("","")=Number

  10.         Else

  11.                 Reporter.ReportEvent micFail,"Number ","Number is NOT generated Successfully"

  12.                 ExitTest

  13.         End If

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