LoadRunner fails on 302 redirect. Is this because of SSL?

Hi All,

I really hope someone here can help me. I’ve been to a number of forums and no one has been able too.


A week ago I had my LR scripts all working. Now, after a new deploy they fail on a 302 redirect.

Basically the script sends one request for images and javascripts, which works fine. The second request submits form data to the server, however I now get 302 redirect. From here the rest of the script fails.

When I re-recorded the script, recording works fine. I compared the message sent when recorded, to the message sent by LR on play back and they look the same. Same headers, same message.

I tried recording using WinInet, but LR doesn’t record anything, literally no events are record and no script is generated.

I spoke to the developers and they tell me nothing has changed, which I don’t believe.

I suspect that authentication (SSL) has been turned on.

So, I went to a browser (Firefox) and saved a copy of the authentication certificate (*.cer) and used it for port mapping. However when I tried to re-record using port mapping I get an error message about the certificate, so the no connection is made.

I found out that the authentication certificate is for the production server, not our test server. Is this the problem???? Should we have a certificate for our test server???

Why does recording work without port mapping?

As another step I hooked up Fiddler to watch the messages going back and forth. I compared the messages from Recording vs playback and noticed a reference to a tunneling message when recording. I assume this is to do with SSL.

On playback I don’t see any tunnel message.

Is this a SSL issue???
What have I missed??
What should I try???

Can anyone help me?


Protocol: Web (Http/Html)
I’m using LR 11, with patch 4 installed
The script was recorded based on HTML, not URL
I’m using the new recording engine
Scripts are correlated

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