How a BA handles Business Recks, User recks, Functional recks?

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  • May 10th, 2013

Proper documentation of use cases, business requirements and system data.helps to handle business wreck.


  • Mar 24th, 2014

@ the person who posed this question: Please use correct terminology instead of SMS lingo. I think you wanted to say req.s AKA requirements and not recks. Help others help you.


  • Mar 26th, 2015

Business requirement is most important part of the organisation.
In particular Software company Requirements and development both are two side of coin.

So if requirement specifies quickly and efficiently than Development of product or project is also start quickly and effectively.

There are certain types of requirements like software or Business both consist their different different importance.

Business requirement documents consist code of policies, cost of project, terms and conditions , understanding, and over all Business approval and acceptance documents.

while Users requirement refers need of User, what actually wants the User and all, It consist Purpose and features that he wants.

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