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Hi Guys,
Hope you guys are well. I have just finished my Bachelor Degree in IT last year.
I went to a job interview this afternoon and I would like to think it went well.
Interviewer gave me an assignment which due later on this week. I am hoping you guys can give me valuable input on the scenario below.
As part of marketing promotional activity, a potential customer will be assigned a scratch card which when "scratched", the card will reveal a unique set of numbers.
The customer can enter the numbers on a web page, get validated (confirming the valid code has been issued and never used previously), the user will have a $5 credit assigned to their account.
The set of number/ codes need to be generated, stored and sent to the scratch card manufacturers.
Please provide a short Business Requirements Document for the system outlined above.
The business Requirements must include items below:
-Process flow diagram
-Decision points required to complete the requirements.
I appreciate any valuable input! thank you.

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