Define the test automation requirements for a web application.

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  • Sep 9th, 2013

Imagine that you were asked to evaluate web application from test automation friendliest point of view. These criteria could be used to name web application automation friendly in order to test an application with SilkTest, QTP, Selenium or any other test automation tool.
All web pages should have names

Similar objects should have consistent names

Unique names should be used for various objects

All the images have ALT attribute test assigned

Dynamic content should have a proper name or html id

All tables displaying data should have names

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Step wise it would be:-
As an automation tester you should know what GUI framework you are going to work on, just its technical feasibitlity with the Automation framework you want to work on.
Then, start finding other areas like Reporting, Logging, Continuous Integration, Cron jobs/scheduler jobs, etc.
Once you know next step is to map your automation framework with the GUI. Start writing all test cases, and categorize cases which you will add in your framework.

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