Calling Web Service via Browser

If a browser is used to call a web service directly from .aspx page without calling a proxy, what is returned?

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The Browser gives a trial to check the methods inside the Webservice and of the possible parameters to be used for the methods and it returns the  result in the form of XML Document. It runs the service from the registry for a trial version and it cannot be used to run the webservice in our web application.

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  • May 1st, 2012

The browser will give the wsdl i.e webservices description what the mehtods it contains and what parameters required

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Avi Tiwari

  • Oct 14th, 2012

When the user hits the URL for a webservice on the browser, all the web methods inside the web service are displayed as links. The user can click on any of the web method, then it asks to enter the parameters required for invoking the web method. When the user enters the parameters and hit the invoke button, the results is displayed as an xml. XML will be displayed correctly only if the web service is working as expected.

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