Answered Questions

  • Calling Web Service via Browser

    If a browser is used to call a web service directly from .aspx page without calling a proxy, what is returned?

    Avi Tiwari

    • Oct 14th, 2012

    When the user hits the URL for a webservice on the browser, all the web methods inside the web service are displayed as links. The user can click on any of the web method, then it asks to enter the pa...

  • Which of the following statements is not true for interfaces

    A) Interface definitions does not have implementationB) Interfaces must be declared as publicC) Interfaces can be instantiatedD) Interface does not have constructorsExplanation: Interfaces can only be implemented by inheriting and they can not be instantiated


    • Dec 24th, 2014

    Both B & C are wrong. Interfaces can be private and in that case public classes cannot inherit them. You can define it within a class. C is wrong as we cannot create an instance of the interface.