Can you describe for me a difficult obstacle you have had to overcome? How did you handle it? How do you feel this experience affected your personality or ability?

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  • Jul 5th, 2005

i indeed faced a difficult obstacle when i meat with a very major accident when in class 12. I had to drop out of school for one year as i was confined to bed with multiple fractures.But despite the fact that i had no guidance nor support from anyone, even at home, i studied hard and got into a good college as soon as i finished school.

vini r panicker

  • Jul 16th, 2005

WELL,it was the death of my grandpa 2 whom i was very attached and that it was during my University lab exams.I had 2 go home and when everybody was sitting & crying i was there holding my book & studying all the programs.i could't even cry properly.But now ,its like wheneve i hear about my grandpa,some kinda of depression comes up.i had 2 attend my exam the very next day.

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  • Sep 22nd, 2005


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  • May 14th, 2006

I faced a difficult obstacle when I was studying in class 8. I was writing my maths exam and one of my teachers caught me for copying. But I was innocent. I was able to convince my principal but was hurt very badly. After that incident I lost my interest in maths but slowly I was able to accept the situation and regain my interest in studying.

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