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After identifying a bug, what if the developer rejects it even though it is a valid bug? How will you prove that it is a valid defect?

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  • Nov 12th, 2016

Explain properly and provide Steps to Reproduce
If the Developer does not Agree even after reproducing the bug also, then conduct meeting with project leader.

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  • May 30th, 2017

First of all trying to understands the point what the developer think about the defect.
Communicate with Team lead and tell about that defect and its related requirements.
try to explain to the developer why we think these defect.

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  • Sep 10th, 2018

1) Get the logs of that issue and attached with the reported issue
2) Check the requirement document whether the issue is against client requirement or it is full filling the client requirement.
3) Check the test case whether the test case scenario is passed or failed.

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  • May 29th, 2019

First of all I will explain to developer about the defect. If the developer agrees then its ok. Otherwise i will come up with manager in meeting and took the screenshot and shown them to developers.

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