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What is the difference between American and Indian distribution system? Which one is better and why?

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AMERICAN : frequency 60Hz
House hold voltage: 120v and 240v
Split phase 3 wire service

INDIA: frequency 50 Hz
House hold voltage : 230v and 400v
3 phase 4 wire service

Gurrr !!! what is split phase??
In layman language just consider it as a center tap transformer where mid tap is grounded and lets say two extreme V1 and V2. general appliances need 120v so use N-V1(neutral and one extreme) and for heavy appliances ned 240v use V1-V2(both extreme).

Both has its own merits and demerits so decide urself which is better?

1.60Hz frequency : less power fluctuation, better waveform when converted to dc, less harmonic,..... but coastly to generate(as high speed machine is needed)

2. 110v : low insulation required but line losses increases since had to carry more current w.r.t. 230v for same power rating

3. 3phase split phase : less conductor needed.

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