Circular Handshake

36 people {a1, a2, ..., a36} meet and shake hands in a circular fashion. In other words, there are totally 36 handshakes involving the pairs, {a1, a2}, {a2, a3}, ..., {a35, a36}, {a36, a1}. Find the size of the smallest set of people such that the rest have shaken hands with at least one person in the set.
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  • Jul 15th, 2011

the answer could be {a2,a5,a8,a11,a14,a17,a20,a23,a26,a29,a32,a35}

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harsh kumar

  • Sep 18th, 2012


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  • Nov 25th, 2012

2y+x-3z=6; x+4y-2z=10; x+2y+6z=24

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