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In a class of 150 students 55 speak English; 85 speak Telugu and 30 speak neither English nor Telugu.
1. How many speak both English and Telugu?
2. How many speak only Telugu?
3. How many speak at least one of the two languages from English and Telugu?
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In the given question. n(e^t)=n(e)+n(t)-n(e or t)

n(e and t)=n - neither who speak English nor Telugu=150-30=>120.

n(e and t)=n(e)+n(t)-n(e or t)
120=55+85-n(e or t)
n(e or t)=20.

n(only Telugu)=n(t)-n(e or t)=85-20 = 65.

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  • Feb 16th, 2011


none/ neither English nor Telugu=30
No. of Students who speak only one or both=150-30=120
so, 120 stud's can speak english or telugu or both.
 No. of Stud's speak only English= 120-85(telugu)=35
 "      "                 "      "     Telugu= 120-55=65
Remaining 120-(65+35)=20 stud's can speak both.


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