DataStage Job Scheduling

How to schedule a datastage job using cron tab utility?

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The datastage jobs can be scheduled by using following steps:

a) Write a script say to call the datastage job/sequence.The shell script calls the datastage job by making use of "dsjob -run".
b) Now schedule this script to run from cron utility of Unix as follows :

  •  use crontab -e  to edit your crontab file, or create one if it doesn’t already exist.
  • Now enter following line into the file :
    30 08 10 06 * /home/nikhilanshuman/

Following is the description of the schedule:
  • 30 – 30th Minute
  • 08 – 08 AM
  • 10 – 10th Day
  • 06 – 6th Month (June)
  • * – Every day of the week
/home/nikhilanshuman/ is the path where the script was saved.

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