Spliting the File in datastage

I have Customer file & Dealer file.
Dealer file have dealer list who all are present on that day. Count of records may vary based on available dealers.
Customer file have customer list. Count on customer records also may vary daily.
The scenario is Dealer has to call customers in daily bases. We should provide customers record to them. So that they can call the customers. We have split the customer file records and have to distribute it to each dealers available on that day.
How to split the Customer file evenly to each dealers?
Job should be designed in Datastage.

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  • Aug 16th, 2017

Use count of customer id - cnt_cst and dealer id - Cnt_dlr in aggregator stage
In transformer,
define a stage variable (sv1) as cnt_cst/cnt_dlr.
*type conversion on sv1 if neede.
I havent tried this solution practically as i dint have a DS software as of now.

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