What are meta tags and why it is used?

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  • Jul 11th, 2008

html tag in the header section of a web page, intended to offer content to search engines. Among them are the keyword and description tags, but these days most true search engines de-emphasize or completely ignore META tags.

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  • Feb 27th, 2009

Metadata is information about data.

The <meta> tag provides metadata about the HTML document. Metadata will not be displayed on the page, but will be machine parsable.

Meta elements are typically used to specify page description, keywords, author of the document, last modified, and other metadata.

The <meta> tag always goes inside the head element.

The metadata can be used by browsers (how to display content or reload page), search engines (keywords), or other web services.


  • Mar 7th, 2012

It's used for browsers and search engines keywords match by users in search.

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