What are the list of documents that a Business Analyst needs to maintain?

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Depends on what methodology you follow.
For a SDLC cycle : you would idealy prepare :BAD/BRD, then SRA then SDS and TSD.You might need to maintain the Change Request Forms as project progresses
For a DSDM cycle : You would ideally not have a SRA or SDS . You have a PRL which you then MOSCOW and then you write stories based on the MOSCOW principle.

Hope this helps to start.

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  • Jul 9th, 2010

As a Business Analyst, your BA life depends and revolves on the following documents (better known as Deliverables in the BA world):

BRD-Business Requirement Document
URD-User Requirement Document
FRD- Functional Requirment Document (Include non-functional documentation in this)

These docs are labled in several different acronyms even the PM dosen't know so dont worry about it.

If you master your skills in these deliverables, you become the perfect BA as everything you do from here on, depends on what you present in this documents.

This process is critical because before producing these docs, your elicitation process must be thorough.

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