Queries for Truck Booking

Consider the following tables which give details of customers, trucks and packets booked by
customers, which are carried by trucks and write SQL commands to do the following:
CUSTOMER(c_no, c_name, c_address)
TRUCK(t_no, driver_name)
PACKET(p_no, c_no, t_no, date_of_booking, weight, destination)
i) Destinations which have received more than 10 packets.
ii) Name of Customers who have sent at least one packet of weight more than one kg to ‘BOMBAY’.
iii) Name of all Customers whose packets were delivered a driver whose name is ‘RAJA’.
iv) Three top customers (names) in terms of total packet weight sent by them. (list is to be in descending order of total weight.)
v) Name of all Customers whose individual shipments are less than one kg


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