What is Test Incident Report ? What does it all contain ? What is its format and fields..?

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  • Jun 8th, 2007

Test incident report is another name for the bug report.


  • Oct 15th, 2007

Test Incident Report: detailing, for any test that failed, the actual versus expected result, and other information intended to throw light on why a test has failed. This document is deliberately named as an incident report, and not a fault report. The reason is that a discrepancy between expected and actual results can occur for a number of reasons other than a fault in the system. These include the expected results being wrong, the test being run wrongly, or inconsistency in the requirements meaning that more than one interpretation could be made. The report consists of all details of the incident such as actual and expected results, when it failed, and any supporting evidence that will help in its resolution. The report will also include, if possible, an assessment of the impact upon testing of an incident.

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This report will be prepared by test engineer if any test case failed which is associated more than one test cases.One TIR may describe many test step failures, but all test steps must be associated with a single test case.

The content of a TIR is developed first by the tester and then by the developer assigned to correct the failure. The tester describes the failure in sufficient detail to enable reproduction of the failure by the developer.

The developer assigned to correct the failure uses this information to reproduce and identify the root cause of the failure. When the software has been corrected and desk checked by the developer, the TIR is updated to reflect the changes associated with the fix.


Date: ___________

Project: ____________

Programmer: __________________

Tester: _________________

Program/Module: _______________________

Build/Revision/Release: _______________

Software Environment: _________________

Hardware Environment: _________________


Number of Occurrences: _______

Severity: _________

Priority __________

Detailed Description: ___________________________________________________






Assigned To: ___________________


Incident Resolution: ____________________________________________________


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