Why is performance tuning a vital aspect in Oracle?

Tuning is one of the main function or job of a database administrator or DBA in short. This is because oracle is a relational database management system which is tunable and thus the database can be monitored and therefore appropriate measures and steps can be taken at appropriate times to increase the performance of the system. There are many reasons for performing the performance tuning in oracle. Some of the reasons are mentioned below namely:

  • The response time can be utilized to the maximum. That is in other words the users waiting for response can be minimized and there by speed of computing can be utilized to the maximum by doing performance tuning

  • Performance tuning increases the speed of the system and thereby efficiency of the system.

  • The hardware and application are utilized to the best and maximum and thereby performance tuning helps in achieving cost effective solution.

Thus having known the reasons for doing performance tuning and there by the importance of performance tuning it is vital that one should know the ways of doing this. There are several areas in which this performance tuning can be applied. Some of the areas in which performance tuning can be done is mentioned below namely:


Designing of database is a very important aspect and one should bear in mind like normalization aspects, data access path, data partitioning and so on while designing the database.


In this SQL queries written for oracle relational database management system must be optimized and also if batch tasks are to be done proper scheduling of task must be done to achieve maximum result.


Memory utilization must be tunes properly to avoid repeated reload and also size of memory must be utilized efficiently

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