What is point-to-point protocol?

A communications protocol used to connect computers to remote networking services including Internet service providers.

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  • Jan 15th, 2006

In networking, the Point-to-Point Protocol is commonly used to establish a direct connection between two nodes. Its primary use has been to connect computers using a phone line, though it is also occasionally used over broadband connections.

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puneet chawla

  • Nov 4th, 2007

PPP works at the data link layer it is a path (leased line /ISDN line ) through which two dissimilar networks (wan connections) can be joined.Thanks.

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  • Mar 12th, 2009

In networking, the Point-to-Point Protocol, or PPP, is a data link protocol commonly used to establish a direct connection between two networking nodes. It can provide connection authentication and can also provide transmission encryption privacy and compression.

Point-to-Point Protocol is a data link protocol. It is a byte oriented protocol (data will be treated a byte).

It does not have any flow control (and error control is also limited).  It is used where the size of frames can be variable.  It provides with the facility of authentication (which is not there is HDLC).

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