What are the different types of collections supported in Oracle?PL/SQL datatypes TABLE and VARRAY, allow us to declare the collections nested tables, associative arrays, and variable-size arrays.

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  • Aug 7th, 2006

Types are Index -by- table, Nested Tables and Varray!

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  • Mar 8th, 2007

plsql supports mainly 3 types of collections
    1> index by binary_integer
    2> nested table
 index by binary_integer and nested table are collectivily known as plsql tables
  and nested table and varray can be stored in database table but index by binary_integer cant be stored in database table

the syntax for index by binary_integer
  ex:  declare
         type basu is table of varchar2(10)
              index by binary_integer;
if you leave the key word binary_integer it becomes nested table
  ex: declare
               type basu is table of varchar2(10);
the syntax for varrays is 
    ex: declare
            type basu is varray(5) of varchar2(10);

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