1.Is there a debugging option in QTP while running the scripts? Where is it? 2.What kind of support is present for scripted components? 3.Can you store different versions of the script? Where can it be stored? If in the server does it require mapping to client? 4.Can QTP integrate with outside version control systems? 5.What are the installation prerequisites for QTP?

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Gopi Krishna

  • Feb 7th, 2006

If u see the debug viewer at runtime, u must put breakpoints where u break the execution, then select view->debug viewer, which supports to view and modify the run time variable values.

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  • Feb 11th, 2006

yes for debugging facility

you need to require install the debugging facility present during installation. once done you can debug the code using F11 key it would execute the code one step at time and the using Step into or Step Out you can check your code line status




  • Feb 18th, 2006


To Debug QTP Script first install the Microsoft Script Debugger in your machine then you can debug the script. To install this Microsoft Script Debugger in Control Panel -> Add\Remove Programs -> Add\Remove Components -> Select the Script Debugger. To install this place the Windows O/S CD and install it. Now you can start debugging in your QTP Script.



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