A man spent 1/6th of his life in child hood, 1/12th of his life as youngster and 1/7th of his life as a bachelor. After five years of his marriage a son was born to him. The son died four years before the father died and at the time of his death his age was half the total age of his father. What is the age of the father?


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Mayank Tiwari

  • Apr 12th, 2006

let total age of father = x

let total age of son =y

then y=x/2

as father was batchlor for 1/7 of his life & got son after 5 years of his merrige

& dies after 4 years of his son's deth


x/7 + 5 + y + 4 =x

by solving the equation

father x=27.2 years

son y=13.6

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  • Jul 24th, 2006

Here is the solution in details:

Say father's age is x,and son's age is y.we have two variables.We have two equations also.As son's age is half the father's age.So y=x/2 or


Now you can read the question like this also.

Next father has spent x/6th of his life in child hood,x/12th of his life as youngster and x/7th of his life as a bachelor,then 5yrs of marriage,then had a son,then son dies,after 4yrs father dies.It gives us this following equation.

x/6+x/12+x/7+5+y+4 = x -------------(2)

Solving (1) & (2) the equations:

=> Y=42

=> X=84

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