What id recurring invoices?What are AP setup steps?

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  • Sep 26th, 2005

some times suppliers would not be sending any invoices.but still the payment have to made to him.ex: rent,lease rentels. in this situvation we have to create invoice every period wise.for that purpose we have to create one recurring invoice template. template means with one master copy creating the multiple invoices is called template.here we are creating the one invoice master copy is formally known as arecurring invoice or recurring inavoice tempalate. SET UP: 1)we have to create one special calender 2)we have to create one full distribution set 3)we have to enter payment terms in the recurring invoice window 4)enter the template no,first invoice amount,special invoice amounts

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  • Nov 20th, 2006

Recurring Entries are of 3 types

1. Standard, 2. Skeleton 3.Fornulae Based

In GL Moduel

1.Define Formula Batch (Eg: ABC Rent batch)

2.Enter Lines ( Here u have both Debit as well as Credit lines)

3.Generate Recurring period

4.Review Journal Batch

5.Post the batch


1. Standard Recurring Journal : It is used fo same accounts & same amounts

Eg : Utilities Dr

       Cash  Cr

2. Skeleton Recurring Journal: It is used for same accounts but for different amounts

Eg: Recurring Fee Dr

       Cash Cr

3.Formule Based Journal : It is used for different accounts with different amonts

Eg: Salaries Dr

       Cash Cr


  • Apr 16th, 2007

i followed all the set given but still i am not able to generate,actually when i go the recurring invoice window and enter all the parameters their i am getting an error -APP-FND-01728:An assignment does not exist for these parameters.

please help me out

with regards,

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Bonthu Nagi Reddy

  • Oct 31st, 2007

Recurring invoices are the invoices which we use repeatedely.

            Some Invoice we have to generate frequently or periodically in that case we can use recurring invoices which would be helpful to pay rent on first of month or Utility Bills 10th on Every month !!

AP Required Setups in 11i  :-


Setup Task NameRequired?
1Install or Upgrade Payables.Yes
2Create User Sign-ons.Yes
3Define Chart of Accounts.Yes
4Define Period Types and Accounting Calendar.                                                              Yes
5Enable Currencies.Optional
6Define Set of Books.Yes
7Assign Set of Books to a Responsibility.Yes
8Enter Conversion Rate Types and Rates.Optional.
9Select Primary Set of Books.Yes
10Define Payment terms.Yes
11Define Purchase Order Matching Tolerances.Optional.
12Define Tax Authority Type Suppliers.Conditionally.
13Define Tax Name and Tax With holding Groups.Optional
14Define Invoice Approval Codes.Yes
15Define Distribution Sets.Optional
16Define Payables Lookups.Yes
17Define Payment Interest Rates.Optional
18Create Templates for Entering Expense Reports.Optional
19Enter Employee Lookups.Optional
20Enter Locations.Yes
21Enter Employees.Conditionally.
22Define Reporting Entities.Conditionally Required.                      
23Define 1099 Income Tax Regions.Conditionally Required.                      
24Define Inventory Organizations.Conditionally Required.   
25Define Financials Options.Yes.
26Define Payables Options.Yes.
27Define Payment Programs.Yes.
28Define Payment Formats.Optional.
29Update Country and Territory Information.Optional.
30Define Bank Accounts.Yes.
31Define Suppliers.Yes.
32Assign Reporting Set of Books.Optional
33Open Accounting Period.Yes.
34Define Request Sets.Optional
35Define Reporting formats.Optional
36Set Up Printer Styles and Drivers.Yes.
37Define Special Calendars.Optional
38Implement Budgetary Control.Optional
39Implement Sequential Numbering.Optional
40Define Descriptive Flex fields.Optional
41Define Tax Recovery Rules.Optional
42Define Withholding Tax Certificates and Exceptions.Optional
43Set Up Credit Card Program.Optional
44Set Profile Options.Optional

With Rgds,
Nagi Reddy.Bonthu

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Narayana Reddy

  • Feb 27th, 2013

Define Special Calendar after define recurring invoices.

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Supriti Nanda

  • Jun 4th, 2014

Recurring invoices are the invoices need to raise again and again. For Ex- Rent paid every month.

For Recurring invoices we need 2 set up.

1. Special Calender
2. Distribution set

We need to attach these two in the recurring invoices screen with Supplier details. Every time we can generate the invoices with out giving the details again and again.

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