Answered Questions

  • Frictional Force

    What is the difference between tractive force and frictional force? Which one drives the vehicle? What are the directions of the forces with respect to the wheel?


    • Aug 25th, 2009

    Thanks for your reply, but I have a small doubt.Now consider a drive wheel rotating in a dry surface and other one on a icy surface.Slip do not occur in the first one because traction force is les...

  • Quality Governed Diesel

    Why diesel is called as quality governed?


    • Mar 29th, 2015

    petrol - air fuel pre mixed and sent to engine. quality cannot be changed (rich or lean mix). By operating the throttle / accelerator the quantity of fuel is varied ( other than starting idling etc)....


    • Mar 18th, 2015

    Basically petrol engines are quantity governing b coz , in this case fuel is mixed in the carburetor , so to change the speed we need to control the quantity of mixture that is going in the cylinder....

  • Disc Brake

    Why do most of the vehicle have disc brake only in the front axle?


    • Jul 26th, 2009

    While applying brake, the momentum of the vehicle will be transferred to front portion so it is necessary to have more braking force on front axle, that is why disc brake is used in front axle.


    • Jul 19th, 2009

    Most of the vehicles are front wheel drives which uses disc brake in the front axles. This is because the inertia of the vehicle towards the front is more. So, to control the speed it is necessary to ...

  • Hybrid Vehicle

    What is hybrid vehicle? Where it is being used? How is it beneficial over the Ordinary Vehicle?

    Kuldeep Janbandhu

    • Oct 9th, 2015

    A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicle for example a conventional internal combustion engine and also a high voltage electric motor.


    • Aug 20th, 2009

    A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle mostly that uses both electric motor and the engine as a power source. During idling---it uses only the engine power .During acceleration---it uses both engine and motor ...

  • Definition for RADIUS OF GYRATION?


    • Nov 10th, 2017

    It is the perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation to the point mass that gives an equivalent inertia to the original objects


    • Nov 1st, 2017

    Gyradius refers to distribution of the components of an object around an axis