Performance Tuning

What is mean by Performance Tuning? Explain with example.

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Akash S. Patil

  • Nov 16th, 2016

Database tuning is a group of activities used to optimize the performance of the database.

Goal of database tuning:
1. To maximize use of system resources.
2. To perform task as efficiently.
3. To work rapidly as possible.

Why and when should one tune?
> Slow physical i/o.
> Excessive CPU usage.
> Latch Contension.

Causes for low performance.
> Bad connection management.
> Bad use of the cursor and the shared bad SQL.
> Bad SQL.
> Use of nonstandard initialization.
> Getting database I/O wrong.
> Redo log setup problems.
> Long full table scans.
> High amount of recursive (Sys) SQL.

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