Property name of the field in QTP

By Click the WEDBUTTON we will get the WEBEDIT window at the same place of webbutton then how you get the property of that edit object and what is that property.
For Example Enter User name and click on Submit button it turns as text box and asking the age of the user, now tell me the property name of text box and how it will be

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  • May 2nd, 2016

Using SetToProperty you can set a perticular property at runtime.
For WebButton
Browser("BrowserName").Page("PageName").Webbutton("ButtonName").SetToProperty "name", "OK"
For WebEdit box
Browser("BrowserName").Page("PageName").WebEdit("EditButtonName").SetToProperty "name", "Message"
It will set the object property name as "OK",When it is a Button & set name as "Message", When it is a Editbox.
Remember use the same property name in both the cases.Here its "name".

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