Star or Delta Transformer Selection

How can we chose transformer star to delta or delta to star connection? What condition is suitable for star connection? What condition is suitable for delta transformer?

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imran ahmad

  • Dec 19th, 2015

When we need a neutral at output of transformer we use star connection

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  • Jan 13th, 2016

Delta star connection generates 73.2% more than dd and yy connection because star side requires less insulation than delta side in normal condition..we can put extra insuation to generate high voltage.. So this connection used in step up the voltage..generally transmission is done in high voltages at generation side.

Where as the star delta connection generates 42.3% less voltage as compare dd and yy connection... That is genration on delta side is 1/1.73 times than line voltage at primary this connection used in step down application

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  • Jan 18th, 2016

If we want to distribute to customers we use star connection but if we want to trasmit power we use delta connection

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