Which one of the following in not a Client-Server?

1. Internet Chat.
2. Web Browsing.
3. E-Mail.
4. Ping.

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  • Aug 23rd, 2015


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  • Nov 3rd, 2015

4. Ping

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2. For web-browsing from browser request goes to server and comes back to client (browser).
3. E-mails are saved in server, and when the client is online then it comes to the client.
4. Ping sends a packet to server and then it returns.
So I think the answer is Internet chat

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  • Dec 21st, 2016

My answer is first one. Internet Chat. While chatting other party either can be online or offline.

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  • Feb 27th, 2018

Web Browsing

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  • Nov 17th, 2019

Ping is not a client server application. Ping is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP). In ping, there is no server that provides a service.

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