What is QA testing Workflow

What is Standard QA testing Workflow.pls explain anybody..

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  • Mar 30th, 2015

Testing workflow depends on the type of Development/ testing model you follow. Typically whenever a new build/ application is in status Test then following checks are done, in order

1. Smoke test - to test the basic functions of app works and to approve of build stability

2. Functional testing - test the functions of application, test case execution

3. Detailed testing - Practically, functional and detailed testing are overlapping phases

4. Defect reporting - as when the bugs found, in any testing phases

5. Retesting - if build includes any defect fixes, test if it is fixed correctly

6. Regression - testing overall system to find the bug fixes has caused any issues anywhere in the system

7. Reporting - test case status, defect status, documents if any, to be sent to stakeholders

All the above steps depends on Risk, priority & pipeline of project.

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