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We have 10 liters of water... we have only two buckets, 1 of capacity 3liter and another of 7 liter.so how will we make combinations such that 1 bucket will have exactly 5 liters of

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  • Feb 13th, 2014

Fill the 7L bucket. Empty water from the 7L bucket into the 3L bucket, until the 3L bucket is full. Empty the 3L bucket and repeat. Now there is 1L of Water in the 7L bucket. Empty the 3L bucket and transfer the 1L of water from the 7L into it. Now fill the 7L bucket again. This time fill the 3L bucket until it is full, you will remove 2L of water from the 7L bucket because there is already 1L of water in the 3L bucket. Now you have 5L remaining in the 7L bucket.

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Rupesh kumar

  • Jul 20th, 2014


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Ganesh Namshikar

  • Aug 12th, 2014

Here is the answer in 9 steps:
(the following 3 columns represent S-source water from the source of 10 liters, B3- amount of water in 3 liter bucket, B7- amount of water in 7 liter bucket)

S B3 B7
7 3 0------>pour 3 into B3 from S
7 0 3------>pour 3 into B7 from B3
4 3 3------>pour 3 into B3 from S
4 0 6------>pour 3 into B7 from B3
1 3 6------>pour 3 into B3 from S
1 2 7------>pour 1 into B7 from B3(that is, pour until it fills)
1 0 7------>empty B3
1 3 4------>pour 3 into B3 from B7(that is, pour until it fills)
0 3 5------>pour 1 into B7 from S

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